Friday, February 26, 2010

The Conscious Cook

I don't usually go around touting and promoting cookbooks. But Chef Tal Ronnen stopped by the school a few weeks ago for a demo. I was impressed by him on many levels, and even considered going vegan. (For about 10 minutes.)

In all seriousness, when I really stop and to think about it, I estimate that I eat vegetarian at least half of the time. Not on purpose, but because I really enjoy soy and grain products. His book, The Conscious Cook, is full on vegan. I tried the Gardein "Chicken" Scaloppini with Shiitake Sake Sauce, Braised Pea Shoots and Crispy Udon Noodle Cakes. (Gardein is a new fancy meat substitute.) It was quite rich and delicious. And for the record, I could now officially drink Cashew Cream with a straw.

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