Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Urban Flats: The Trusty Stand By

A few weekends ago Kate and I were debating on where to have dinner. We wanted something casual and tasty, that wouldn't break the bank, and my final condition, I wanted a good cocktail. One place fit the bill perfectly, Urban Flats.

Urban Flats has a few locations around Orlando, the original in WP, there's one in Waterford Lakes and my favorite location Downtown on the corner of Church and Orange. There may be others.. but those are the three I've been to with some regularity.

What I love most about Urban Flats.... consistency. I've never had a bad meal there, the food is always good. Either lunch or dinner, even their special happy hour menus, they never half ass it. Also, the service is always good whether I'm at the bar or table. Maybe sometimes lunch service can be slow over at Waterford Lakes... but if I go out to lunch on a weekday, I'm generally not in a hurry to get back to work. (Read: it's rare I go out to lunch on a weekday)

Anyway, back to dinner. Urban Flats does flatbread pizzas, but not only. However, the flatbread pizzas I think are the best in town. The thin whole wheat crust is great for those of us on a calorie budget, plus the toppings are fresh and as healthy as you want them to be. Yeah, they've got pepperoni. However they offer lean cuts of beef on the black and blue flatbread and turkey on the turkey, pear and brie.

I spied a combination on their lunch 'flatwich' menu, it was called the Artichoke, Wild Mushroom and Goat Cheese flatwich. I asked if it could be done as a flatbread instead and the response? 'Of course!' Gotta say, that was my favorite to date. It of course had the artichokes, wild mushrooms and goat cheese but also roasted red peppers and spinach, that created a hearty veggie symphony on my plate.

Normally, I'm not a fan of more than 3 toppings on a pizza however this one each element was proportioned and worked off each other perfectly.

Notice, I couldn't get a pic without taking a bite first....

As for my cocktail, I left it up to the trusty bartender. I asked for Hendrick's Gin, a favorite summertime libation for me. It's dry but light, love the cucumber accent in the gin. Our bartender was well versed and created a cucumber gin spritzer that went fabulously with my veggie delight dinner.

Last note, check the website for happy hour details. There is always something going on, and I can say Wine Down Wednesdays are great!

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  1. urban flats pizza is pretty goood a bit pricey tho