Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A New Look

Changing things up a bit here on the BnB blog. Kate is super busy with the always awesome Kate's Kitchen, so I'm going to take the helm on this one.

So... where have I been lately? Well... like most people I am trying to live a more healthy life. So this means cutting back on things like high calorie food (burgers) and drink (barolo). Of course, part of a healthy life is being happy, so while I may be cutting back, I'm certainly not shutting them out. Is it possible to enjoy a glass of wine and still consume only 1400 calories a day? Yes. I do believe it is. And this is where I will prove it can be done.

While I'm not a chef, I do really enjoy cooking. So when I try out a recipe that is worth sharing, I'll post along with nutritional info. Along with food I am exercising regularly and have been courting the ability to run long distances. I ran (and by that, I really mean jog) my first 5k last December, and kept up a good pace for a while. Now in the heat of the summer I am back to more of a brisk walk, however this fat girl will run damnit. I will be posting about my adventures there as well. What does that have to do with food and wine? If you want to be able to eat and drink the good stuff, you've got to be able to burn off the excess calories, darling.

So! That's the scoop on the blog to date. Here we go again, take two!

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